charlotte auger

Hi ! As a gameplay oriented programmer, I enjoy working on AI, systems as well as UI. Furthermore I developped a good game design sensibility thanks to my studies and have a strong attraction to cooperative experiences and alternative ways of interacting with games. I’m keen on learning awesome new things : my interests also include shaders, boardgames and ARGs amongst other subjects.

This portoflio is a selection of the projects that I learned the most from. Feel free to contact me if you have any question !

work projects

Book of Travels

Unity (C#) — Mirror
Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG

• Work with networked mechanics
• Animation and character integration
• Additions to existing dev tools and systems

Shelter 3

Unity (C#)
Elephant survival exploration game

• Animal AI and graphical integration
• UI work on menus


Unity (C#)
Garbage city-builder

• Gameplay reworks
• Work on UI heavy features
• Additions on navigation system

Cosmo Squabble

2v2 shooter for the SquareOne boardgame console

• Game Design
• Balancing
• Playtest supervision

prototypes and jams


Unity (C#)
Adventure game

• Player controller (following the surface's normal)
• Enemy AI (Finite State Machine)
• A-star pathfinding

A Planet in the Fog

Unreal Engine (Blueprint)
First person exploration game

• Pheromone diffusion system
• Tool creation for level designers
• Map and UI

Starpong VR

Unity (C#) — Photon Network — VRTK
Online VR table tennis game

• Controller using VR controllers
• Power-up system
• Controlled ball physics


Unity (C#)
Visual experimentation

• Introduction to Raymarching shader

Icy skate

Unity (C#)
Mobile game

• Controller using touchscreen input
• Object pooling

Snow dodge

Löve 2D (Lua)
Dodging game - Christmas Jam

• First game in Lua
• Made in 48h

Dark Sector

Cooperative exploration/survival game

• Game Design
• Balancing
• Playtest supervision